Book Production

Whatever your project size, we can assume responsibility for its every aspect, from origination of ideas to completion of the finished article. This includes: commissioning of suppliers, management of freelance copy-editors, technical readers, designers, typesetters, proofreaders and printers, author liaison, control of budgets and schedules.

We can tailor these services to suit your needs, allowing you to "cherry pick" the activities you would like us to manage on your behalf. In all cases the client retains ownership and copyright of the material, while we deliver quality publications on time and within budget. Calling on an extensive database of freelance editors, designers, typesetters and printers, we are flexible and can take on a large number of projects at any one time.

We can also produce high quality design and illustration for use in print and online publications. This includes jacket design and page layout of internal text and illustrations. We can originate, improve, or redraw any illustrative material including photographs, maps and line drawings in colour and black and white.

We use a variety of specialist companies, both in the UK and abroad, for data capture and typesetting services, outputting PDFs for print products and operating xml-first workflow for digital products. Our suppliers specialise in different areas so that we can access particular skills when necessary. We can accept data in a variety of forms and in virtually any electronic format. We are also experienced in processing illustrative material in a wide variety of forms.









XML conversion

Technical reading





Printing and binding

Author liaison

Budgeting and scheduling