Swales & Willis has been working with businesses and institutions for over twenty years, providing personalised, high-quality editorial services.

Our in-house team of experienced publishing professionals use their detailed knowledge of all aspects of editing and proofreading to deliver improvements and value to clients on even the most complex projects.

We ensure that consistency is imposed throughout a project and that terminology, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting are of the highest quality. Whether you would like us to develop a house style, generate new content or provide solutions for existing copy, Swales & Willis will deliver an exceptional service based on clear and positive communication with our clients.

We provide content solutions for many areas including:

  • Academic articles and books
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Business proposals and reports
  • Web content
  • Manuals and training materials.

Technological innovation is an important part of our working practice. Should you require it, we can generate material simultaneously for both print and web platforms (by using an XML-first workflow). We can offer a bespoke automated ‘pre-edit’ to perform basic copy-editing tasks such as matching notes, citations and references and identifying missing material and can host a cloud-based platform for document editing and proofing.

Please get in touch for a quote, and to discuss your requirements, using our Contact Us page.

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